Mami Wata: Heal the Children Of War Through Art – Entry 2:


It could be said “the sky is falling” when we look at all of the tests that have appeared within such a short time period: a car crash leading to a robbery, confronting corruption on the largest scales, a dear friend died who just found his internal freedom 2 weeks ago in Colombia, another friend’s life’s investment burned to the ground, my mom’s ceiling caved in… but the sky is not falling,

Mami Wata: Heal the Children Of War Through Art – Entry 1:

Dear friends and family,
I do not have enough fingers to count the number of airports that have adopted me over the years and tonight we can add another one to the bubblegum jar. If an airport could write a book imagine all the chapters it would tell within the lives of a single day. Talk about anthropology 101! I have found a little nook calling out for some company, for which all airports have,

Sawgadi – Intentions


Unfortunately these days in the “modern society” drugs, along with money, sex, shopping… have turned into a means for escape. Escape from oneself. The plants no longer are looked at as a gift from God, provided to dive deeper into the understanding of our inner existence. What enables something to be both a drug and medicine at the same time…? The answer lies in the intention behind its intake. Physical life revolves around the cause and effect of actions,

Sawgadi – Working on a Boat Through Russia

Working on a Boat Through Russia

The whispering of the free growing grass whistled through the wind and into my ear. I could hardly make out the words. It was more of an understanding that I dare not complicate with the the written language. A tickling of both excitement and confusion spread an interesting blend of feelings through the tips of every hair on my body. “You are in Russia… feel the energy from the smiling forests and the pain of the oldest building.” Such contrasting emotions that merge under the same name: Russia.

“Revival” – A documentary about HOPE in Sarajevo, Bosnia

“Revival” – A documentary about HOPE in Sarajevo, Bosnia

I just began telling a story of my trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia. Then I erased it all. These words would not do such a phenominal experience justice. And further more, until you go to such a place it will just be another story.

Within I have always felt the pain of others as if it was piercing my very own heart. Some would say it is a curse,