World Painting Tour – 2016/17

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From November 2016 through March 2017 Benjamin Swatez is on a world painting tour, He started directing a mural in Argentina for OMAI (Organixacion Mundial de Artistas Integrados with artist from across the the Americas. Then he led a mural/ compost toilet building project for Chime In International Youth Ambassador Program, in collaboration with NGO Viracocha, in the Red Zone of Colombia. He flew across the globe to Greece and created 5 murals and 2 live paintings together with fellow artist Robert Markey, NGO Amaka and over a hundred refugees from Syria, Palestine, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Robert Markey and Benjamin then created two large murals with children from the slums of Surat, India and NGO Pathshala, before heading to Vadodra, India, to paint the largest mural in the state of Gujarat with 5 Pithora Artists and the largest Pithora Indigenous painting in the world. This project was curated by Sachin Kaluskar and made possible by Dr-Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere. Benjamin then heading to Rajasthan to paint three murals with orphans who were born with HIV/AIDS. His final destination is with the Wall of Hope Project painting two murals with recently rescued se trafficked slaves in Kathmandu, Nepal on the walls of the EU Consulate and the Australian Embassy.


The Wisdom of the Elephant and the Divine Feminine


Painting Our Hearts Out with Orphans Born with HIV/AIDS in Jaipur, India


Mosaics of Love with Refugees in Lesvos, Greece


Mosaics and Paintings of Love with refugees and prisoners in Ioannina, Greece


Painting with Syrian refugees and Orphans in Athens, Greece


Painted at NGO Viracoacha education center in Red Zone of Colombia


Painted with OMAI International Artists in Mendoza, Argentina