World Painting Tour – Chapter 2: Compost Toilets and Painted Tower in Red Zone Colombia

Last week was one to remember as the Chime In International Youth Ambassador crew joined forces with the NGO Fundación Viracocha in San Agustin, Colombia! It was a dream come true to bridge worlds together, sharing this powerful place, the archiological center of Colombia, and the beautiful people who have touched my life deeply over the past 8 years with friends and family of the north! Now forever bonded in intention and love for life and the spreading of beauty through hard work, positive perspectives, manifestation of dreams and respect. Together we built compost toilets, painted a mural on the “tower”, Holistic workshops, honored those who died from the violence in Colombia through ceremony, joined in the Kiva international ceremonies of elders around the world to bring peace between tribes, ate gormet vegetarian food with every meal, held dream circles, live concerts with international renowned Colombian musician around the camp fire, laughter and so much more! You are reading a list of the events to share a snapshot; however, as you may imagine a lifetime passed within 6 days! It was such an honor to help facilitate this mystical experience with such inspiring souls that remind me day in and day out to have such warm faith in humanity! Thank you Fundación Viracocha, Yanila Gosewisch Osorio, Steffan, Lina Osorio, Juana Perea, Boris Arteaga, Jennifer Swatez,Eddy Cabrera,Natalia Gaitan,Susan Johnson,Dana Walden,Kelly Sullivan Walden,Cam Johnson, Laura, Krishnam Bonifaz,Nancy Telzerow… Thank you for your trust and all the beauty we shared. In 2008 I was blessed to share art therapy with Fundación Viracocha and the youth of the Red Zone of Colombia and I always dreamt of returning to continue this beautiful work… DREAMS COME TRUE!!!! I love all of you!!! Painting designed by Boris, Yanila and Benjamin – painted by everyone! =) PS: I am now in Greece painting with Syrian and Afghani refugees and in a Greek prison with inmates… Stay tuned!