Syrian Refugee Art Therapy Project – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Mirrored Reflections of the Deep Blue

“Look behind us! Look, look, look… ” Lea Anne repeated as the last view of Aqaba dissipates into the distance. Our car set sail for Amman, up through the desert road, passing Wadi Rum and Petra, with a colorful skin disease covering our hands and our pants looking more like a color pallet than denim. We leave behind 4 murals, hundreds of smiles and thousands of blue that ripple through the Red Sea.

Syrian Refugee Art Therapy Project – Chapter 2

The Colors of Love: Syrian Art Therapy Project Jordan
Chapter 2: The Compass of the Heart
Day by day we walked by this little wooden stand, held up by 3 posts and a palm tree in Aqaba, admiring the cave-like painted vases. One day we stopped and realized that we were not looking at pigment mixed with oil nor water applied with a brush onto clay, these paintings were made with sand inside glass bottles. What? The artist himself pulled off the shelf an empty,

Syrian Refugee Art Therapy Project – Chapter 1

Syrian Refugee Art Therapy Project – Chapter 1

We sit on the roof tops of Aqaba, Jordan just before sunrise. Harmonizing voices scattered across the city echo the song of this astonishing view of glowing mosques, silhouetted mountains and the Middle Eastern culture reflecting off the Red Sea. This areal perspective of a peaceful and welcoming country warms the chilled air and within a week since our arrival, countless authentic interactions with beautiful Jordanians have revealed that this land truly is an oasis,