Unfortunately these days in the “modern society” drugs, along with money, sex, shopping… have turned into a means for escape. Escape from oneself. The plants no longer are looked at as a gift from God, provided to dive deeper into the understanding of our inner existence. What enables something to be both a drug and medicine at the same time…? The answer lies in the intention behind its intake. Physical life revolves around the cause and effect of actions, but the spiritual understanding of the revolving universe is based in the intentions.

Working as a drug and alcohol counselor at the 2006 Roskilde music festival for the second year running, I found myself surrounded with fellow volunteers of multiple addictions, personalities, not to mention nationalities, with a common goal…Those who took the courage within themselves to place the first foot infront of the other in the direction of the Graffiti Educational Drug Bus found that we are not all about jamming the words, “Say No To Drugs”, down their throats. The answers for each individual do not lie in the indoctrination of fear, but rather in the education, offering a deeper understanding of the options each individual has the possibility to choose from.
Through this journey of sharing with others, a new drug was introduced into my life, that had gone astray for far too long: Grooving… And yes, I am addicted…

Pink Floyd with Roger Waters stepped onto the Orange Stage. The Dark Side of the Moon connected my inner essence directly with the glowing white ball in the sky. The wind of music dragged my soul through every extreme emotion imaginable. The music took forms of a dragon, a butterfly, an eagle… it soared through the vibrating air particles of sound, seeping into the pores of breath. Within a millisecond my body lost control in an attack of freedom. No restraint. No resistance. No thoughts, but the tears of happiness and sadness simultaneously. Memories flashed over the black screen of closed eyes.

Driving down the 101 from Humboldt… Richardson’s Grove consumed my Orange home on wheels. Leaving it all behind upon arrival to the airport, knowing it will be some time. Pink Floyd blaring out the windows. BRAKES SCREECHING! I jumped from the car and ran to the largest of the redwoods. Energy pounding at my shell as I drew near. Brother. Sister. Goodbye for now, bless me on my journey. Symbolism need not be explained as the connection of the world rests in a single conscious touch of any sense that holds the power for which opens the gateways of clarity of pure intention.

Explosions of expression escape from my limbs. Thank you! Live the love, live the music… the key has never belonged to another, it is hidden in the intentions of love and giving… A voluntary voluntary voluntary voluntary of giving brings about rewards of ever-lasting color to our lives…