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Welcome, my name is Benjamin Swatez. It is an honor that you take this time to share inspiration. This page is a little glimpse into my expression, dreams and life. I have spent much of my adult life exploring the relationship between the internal and external worlds; the “paintbrush” been a guide around the globe. One of the greatest experiences of my life was having the gift to hold space for 196 children, survivors of the Borlonyo Massacre, to simultaneously touch a paintbrush for the very first time in their lives and share in their excitement. Along with my personal work, in a journey “to be the change I wish to see in the world” I facilitate creative therapy projects, psycho-social support, for at risk individuals who face, or are healing from, extreme adversity, including: slavery, human/ sex trafficking, disease, war, domestic violence and the streets.   It has been incredibly powerful to paint on canvas and murals with these beautiful souls in 19 countries.

My personal works have been featured in over 60 international art exhibitions and 13 museum shows across the globe.   Please take a moment to view my Journals page for which is a body of work, a window into my soul, I am pleased to share.  I can be reached at my Contact page.  Thank you for visiting.  Blessings!

Benjamin Swatez